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Hi Everyone!

Recently I saw an article in the Times Of India which was an ad from the National School of Drama in Delhi. The ad was for a theatre festival that they are holding and how to participate and send your entries in.

Here is the article, just in case anyone is interested. You’re welcome. 🙂


Speaking of drama schools, here is a list I found of arguably the top 8 theatre schools in India. 🙂


What’s really cool is that the school which I go to is in that list!

*Now is when I do some shameless boasting*

I have been attending the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama for nearly four years now and honestly, its the best place ever. Like EVER.

I have a whole lot of fun there and I learn a lot as well which is really great because usually when you’re learning something it isn’t enjoyable, is it…

I’ve also met some amazing people and made loads of best friends there. I feel like if you spend that much time with the same humans, you ultimately just end up loving them. 🙂

Every year, the school puts up a big production which they put in a lot of effort for. This year, in June, they are doing “Marvellous Matilda”! Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to be in it this time because my parents told me that I have to study… 😥


The play will be performed in Chowdiah Memorial Hall Bangalore on the 12th and 13th of June! You can go like their Facebook page (Bangalore School of Speech and Drama) for more updates!

Seriously, go watch it. 😉

See you next time, then!

I use too many emoticons…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Zero Sum says:

    When you go to Delhi next, you should try to watch few plays in Mandi House area. NSD staff, students and alumni have contributed a lot to the theatre and cinema in India


  2. joshsang says:

    Yes, shameless plug. Yes, too many emoticons. No, parents are NOT enemies….


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