Hi everyone!

A while ago, my theatre school performed a play called “Marvelous Matilda”. I didn’t perform in the play, but I was an usher for all four shows. This was the first time I had ever been an usher for something so big, and it was a pretty interesting experience.

I knew being an usher would mean responsibility and that since I am a child, some people would not take me seriously, but i was super-excited anyway. 🙂 I was up bright and early on both days and reached a lot before I was supposed to, which, by the way, is very VERY rare. 😛

Being an usher is an interesting job as you see the play from the eyes of the audience as well as the cast and crew, without actually being a part of either. I got to witness the madness before show, when everyone was doing last minute rehearsals and putting on costumes and getting into makeup. I also got to see the play from the auditorium, and even though I didn’t have a seat for three of the shows(because I was an usher), I could experience the play as the audience did.

I got to see both perspectives for the same play, which was, in a way, a lot of fun, because i got feedback from the audience as well as the cast.  The audience gave me their thoughts on the play, while the cast gave me full accounts on the errors and events backstage. 🙂

There were a lot of problems that had to be solved as well, like people losing tickets and wanting to use the restrooms in the middle of the show. Since this was a children’s play, there were a lot of little children who wouldn’t settle down.

Overall, this was a great learning experience for me and I’m glad I did it, even though i was feeling a bit sulky for not being able to perform. 😀

Till next time, then!

Have a nice day. ❤


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  1. joshsang says:

    Well, good on you for finally writing this. I think it was a great experience for you – you do know all yr school mates always crib that they can’t watch their own shows! (AND you got to miss one day of school to boot!)


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